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    1. Genome Wide Assessment of Maize Genebank Diversity; Synthesis of Next Generation Technologies and GIS Based Approaches. Authors: Sarah Hearne, Jorge Franco, Jiafa Chen, Carolina Sansaloni, Cesar Petroli, Andrzej Kilian, Kai Sonder.Link
    2. SAGA – Genetic Analysss Service for Agriculture Link
    3. Seeds of Discovery (SeeD): Next Generation Applications to Explore Maize Genetic Diversity. Authors: Sarah J. Hearne, Juan Burgueño, J. Andrés Christen, Gilberto Esquivel, Jorge Franco, Juan Manuel Hernández Casillas, Andrzej Kilian, Ky L. Mathews, Peter Wenzl, Martha C. Willcox.Link
    4. Genomic Exploration of Genebank Collections: Early Insights from Seeds of Discovery-Maize. Authors: Sarah Hearne, Jorge Franco, Jiafa Chen, Cesar Petroli.Link

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