• Workshop – Wheat Phenotyping

    Participants will become familiar with phenotypic characterization of wheat germplasm. Research themes include: climate change; priority characteristics for wheat for Mexico; phenotyping of genetically diverse materials and in the process of improvement; methods and protocols for the phenotypic characterization of drought and heat tolerance, and grain yield potential; and recording of phenotypic data using the KDSmart tool.

    Product details and features

    1. This workshop uses didactic techniques including simulations and games, discussion panels and learning based on problem solving.
    2. Participants will learn to use scientific equipment, protocols and modern computer applications to phenotype wheat germplasm.
    3. Identify sound phenotyping protocols to make the field selection process more efficient.
    4. Describe the potential impacts of climate change on different wheat producing regions in Mexico.
    5. Describe wheat traits considered of high priority for Mexico.

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    1. Interpret phenotypic models in the context of climate change and specific production conditions.
    2. Describe the main methods of phenotyping to identify germplasm with high grain yield potential and adaptation to drought and heat.
    3. Introduction and overview of the use of KDSmart, which is a digital application for recording phenotypic data in the field.


    The workshop is offered once per year.


    This workshop is conducted in the field, with CIMMYT instructors and collaborators with vast experience in wheat phenotyping.

    Primary Users

    Researchers, breeders, technicians, professors and students.

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