• Workshop-KDSmart

    This workshop trains participants to electronically capture phenotypic data (e.g. in field, greenhouse or laboratory) using this Android platform tool installed on a tablet or smart phone. Experienced facilitators guide participants to use this application in real situations in the field. Participants learn about the advantages of using electronic data capture tools to reduce errors and time to register data, while increasing data precision and accuracy.

    Product details and features

    1. Interactive classes with experienced facilitators.
    2. Short duration (one day) to learn how to use KDSmart either in field, greenhouse or laboratory.
    3. Participants must bring their own smartphone or tablet with Android® version 4.0.3 or newer operating system.
    4. Smartphone or tablet should have 7″ screen.
    5. Participants will learn how to import and export phenotypic data into and from KDSmart to PC, SD and USB.

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    1. At the end of the workshop participants will know how to load work files into their electronic device and demonstrate mastery of software usage..
    2. Describe problems and solutions when using the software
    3. Participants will learn how to configure KDSmart and define the traits to be captured.
    4. Practical exercises in the field


    The workshop is available online (https://training.cimmyt.org/enrol/index.php?id=8057)

    Primary Users

    Researchers, breeders, technicians and students.


    The workshop is available to the public interested more than once per year under MAB organization. It can be presented at different cities of Mexico or even at any event as conferences.

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