• Workshop – GWAS (Genome-Wide Association Studies)

    The GWAS (Genome-wide association studies) workshop focuses on the use and application of genomic models and methods to associate genetic variants with phenotypic variants among large populations of individuals. This information often leads to gene discovery and various applications in breeding. The workshop uses a strong practical component with computer exercises and a real data set for an agronomically complex trait

    Product details and features

    To take advantage of this workshop and implement GWAS, the user must have:

    1. Basic computational knowledge.
    2. Moderate level of computer power.
    3. R program installed.
    4. Participants have to be familiar with the R programming language.
    5. Basic knowledge of genetics and statistics.

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  • Comments

    GWAS uses statistical inference to identify genomic variants accounting for variation in target traits. Frequently, the GWAS analysis is a preliminary step towards the discovery of genes that determine the expression of the character of interest. After a nutshell introduction to R, the practices of the genome-wide association topic will include the process of data quality control, data filtering, linkage disequilibrium analysis, methods to detect/correct population stratification, estimation of marker effects, application of multiple testing correction and interpretation for quantitative and binary traits.


    The workshop is available to the public: http://hdl.handle.net/11529/10294

    Primary Users

    Researchers, breeders and students. Used in all areas of scientific research that include the use of large sets of molecular data for use in breeding programs.


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