• META-R (Multi Environment Trail Analysis with R for Windows)

    META-R is a set of R programs that performs statistical analyses to calculate BLUEs, BLUPs, genetic correlations among locations and genetic correlations between variables, broad-sense heritability, and other statistics for breeding trials are given too, in order to make boxplots and histograms.

    Product details and features


      • Analyses may be performed by location, across management conditions or across all locations.
      • META-R contains a graphical JAVA interface that helps the user to easily choose input files, which analysis to implement, and which variables to analyze.

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  • Comments

    Current version: 6.01.


    Publicly available at CIMMYT Research Data and Software Repository Network: https://data.cimmyt.org/dataset.xhtml?persistentId=hdl:11529/10201

    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers and students interested in statistical analyses for different purposes


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