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  • ‘Germinate’ – Generic plant data management system

    Germinate is a generic plant genetic resources database that offers facilities to store both standard collection information and passport data along with more advanced data types such as phenotypic, genotypic and field trial data. Germinate was developed by James Hutton Institute, in collaboration with CIMMYT

    Product details and features

    1. Germinate stores, manages and associates information related to each registered accession.
    2. Germinate can be interconnected with other applications like Flapjack and Helium.
    3. This is a powerful tool to combine passport information with genotypic and phenotypic annotations for analyzing quantitative traits.
    4. Explore the data available in the MasAgro-Biodiversity project.

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    • This platform stores the information generated using other platforms of data collection and compilation, so it has to be synchronized permanently in order to be able to link all the data pertaining to each accession.


    Released with a permanent upgrade, including free access to wheat and/or maize data.
    Wheat: http://germinate.cimmyt.org/wheat/
    Maize: http://germinate.cimmyt.org/maize/


    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers and students managing or analyzing information about maize and wheat accessions.

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