BIO-R is a set of R programs that do biodiversity analysis of molecular data, in order to calculate heterozygosity, diversity among and within groups, shannon index, number of effective allele, percent of polymorphic loci, Rogers distance, Nei distance, cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling 2D plot and 3D plot.

    Product details and features


    1. You can obtain a Core Subset using molecular data and also phenotypic, geographical and any source of data.
    2. It is possible to include external groups for colored the dendogram or MDS plots.

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    • This platform stores the information generated using other platforms of data collection and compilation, so it has to be synchronized permanently in order to be able to link all the data pertaining to each accession.


    Publicly available at CIMMYT Research Data and Software Repository Network: https://data.cimmyt.org/dataset.xhtml?persistentId=hdl:11529/10820

    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers and students interested in analyzing information about maize and wheat genotyping and phenotyping data

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