• AGD-R (Analysis of Genetic Designs with R for Windows)

    AGD-R is a set of R programs that performs statistical analyses to calculate gene action in quantitative traits in Diallel Mating Designs such as North Carolina Designs, Line by Tester Designs and Diallel designs.

    Product details and features

      • Determination of the number of major genetic factors or genes responsible for the traits.
      • AGD-R contains a graphical JAVA interface that helps the user to easily choose input files, which analysis to implement, and which variables to analyze.

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    • Diallel Mating Designs have been designed to deal with the type of genetic experiments that help assess variability in observed quantitative traits arising from genetic factors, environmental factors, and their interactions.Current version: 6.01

      Publicly available at CIMMYT Research Data and Software Repository Network: https://data.cimmyt.org/dataset.xhtml?persistentId=hdl:11529/10202

    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers and students interested to explore the nature of gene action in determining quantitative traits

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