• Maize Landraces with Putative Heat Tolerance

    These landrace accessions from CIMMYT’s germplasm bank are promising for use in research and pre-breeding for heat tolerance at flowering and grain fill stages of the crop life cycle. They have been identified based on analysis of geographical information system (GIS) descriptors and associated climatic data for their location of origin. Adaptation-based, e.g. lowland tropical or highland, panels have been developed comprising 1000, 500, 250, 100 and 50 landrace accessions. These panels maximize and maintain representativeness of the genomic diversity of the broader landrace collection of interest.

    Product details and features:


    1. Panels of accessions with descriptors (BankAccNo and GID) required for online ordering
    2. All accessions available for distribution from the CIMMYT Germplasm Bank
    3. Passport and GIS-derived data for accessions available in flat file and searchable format through Germinate (http://germinate.cimmyt.org/)
    4. Any available phenotypic data for the accessions are available through Germinate
    5. Genotypic data for accessions are available through Germinate.
    6. Summary of analysis and selection methods provided in Dataverse (https://data.cimmyt.org/dataset.xhtml?persistentId=hdl:11529/11047)
    7. Summary of Best Landraces for Heat
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    1. Summary data file providing results of multidimensional scaling of genomic distance with relevant passport, GIS and phenotypic data, provided through Germinate/Dataverse. File formatted for visualization in the software CurlyWhirly (https://ics.hutton.ac.uk/curlywhirly/).
    2. Primary selection of accessions from heat stress prone environments used the following criteria: growing season maximum temperature (Tmax) in any of the growing months >30 degrees Celsius, Tmax in any of the flowering and grain fill months >30 degrees Celsius.


    Available September 2017 250 seeds of each accession available upon request via http://www.cimmyt.org/seed-request/#maize


    These are unimproved materials, most suited for research or for large breeding programs interested in exploring exotic germplasm sources. These landraces are open pollinated materials carrying significant genotypic and phenotypic heterogeneity and heterozygosity.

    Primary Users

    Maize breeders for whom heat tolerance is a crucial priority trait; maize breeders and geneticists investigating the physiological and molecular basis of heat tolerance; researchers engaged in gene discovery for heat tolerance.

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