• Maize Blue Kernel Inbred Lines

    Lines developed through backcross breeding, which have grain with demonstrated enhanced levels of anthocyanin content. Landrace accessions identified through phenotypic evaluation to have useful levels of anthocyanin content and stability were used as donors. Elite CIMMYT Maize Lines (CMLs), selected with input from line and hybrid development breeders, were used as recurrent parents.


    Product details and features:


    1. Inbred lines of sub-tropical adaptation separated into “Tuxpeño” and “non Tuxpeño” heterotic groupings
    2. Inbred lines developed using recent and breeder-preferred CMLs

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    1. New inbred line sources within ±20% yield of MasAgro white sub-tropical hybrids
    2. Donor accession and recurrent parent line data, including passport, geographical information system (GIS)-derived, pedigree, phenotype and genotype available in searchable format through Germinate (http://germinate.cimmyt.org/).


    These are improved materials suited for use in small to large research or breeding programs interested in exploring and using exotic kernel anthocyanin donor sources. Those interested in these products, especially those wanting to further, explore accessions for additional allelic variation for kernel pigmentation may also be interested in landrace panels for kernel pigmentation.


    Available November 2020, but intermediate products are available on request
    50 seeds of each line available per request

    Primary Users

    Maize breeders for whom anthocyanin content is a crucial priority trait; maize breeders and geneticists investigating physiological and molecular basis of kernel pigmentation/antioxidant activity; researchers engaged in gene discovery for kernel pigmentation/antioxidant activity.

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