KDXplore Field Data Management Software

This software application helps manage and curate data collected with KDSmart in nurseries, yield trials, production, and observation fields. Electronic fieldbooks can be uploaded, arranged and distributed to various electronic devices that are using KDSmart. After returning from the field, the data taken can be viewed and curated in KDXplore. Some simple statistical analyses are available to help in the data curation. KDXplore was developed by Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) in collaboration with CIMMYT.

Product details and features

  1. KDXplore facilitates data quality assessment immediately after collection in the field. This directs the researcher to revisit the field for confirmations or corrections. Data from one or more KDSmart can be consolidated.
  2. Data curation does not require a spreadsheet. KDXplore analyses the datasets and detects missing, outlier or incorrect data. Different visualization tools help to curate the data.
  3. The visualization tools include tables, scatterplots, heatmaps, etc., and they are customizable
  4. Data changes are synchronized by connecting to any available network
  5. Importing/Exporting files include CSV and XLS formats.
  6. Files can be merged.


  • The offline mode connects to laptops via private Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. This is practical when measurements are done outside the workplace.For further support about phenotypic data management go to http://software.kddart.com/KDXplore/ or for more information refer to http://www.kddart.org/help/kdxplore.

    Version 1.1.2 is the current Beta test version.


    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers, technicians, curators and developers

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