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  • ‘CurlyWhirly’ – multi-dimensional data visualizer

    This application helps to view multi-dimensional data, with a particular focus on the outputs of Principle Coordinate Analysis and Principal Components Analysis. The data can be viewed and selections can be made with the application of additional data resources such as categorical data. It is a powerful tool to discriminate similar germplasms by genetic distances analysis, or even to identify undesirable contaminations. CurlyWhirly was developed by James Hutton Institute, in collaboration with CIMMYT.

    Product details and features

    1. CurlyWhirly is a multidimensional data visualization application in a 3D space.
    2. Supports rotation, zoom, hierarchical filter and a range of point interactions. Coloring of points (entries) by category
    3. Facilitates visualization of few to tens of thousands of data points. Hierarchical filtering of visible/selected points
    4. Creates movies and screenshots
    5. Phenotypic data can be added to data to aid interpretation
    6. Selection and export of data is possible for further analysis.
    7. Explore data available in the MasAgro-Biodiversity project.
    8. Multi-platform application available to the public to download

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  • Comments

    This software visualizes the genetic information in a global way between the different entries, projecting to another status the information captured by Flapjack software at the genome level.



    Released with improved versions being periodically released with automatic upgrade. https://ics.hutton.ac.uk/curlywhirly/download-curlywhirly/


    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers, students at public institutes and private seed companies who works with different levels of germplasm complexity.


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