• ‘KDSmart’ Hand-Held Data Capture Application

    This is an Android platform, digital application for recording phenotypic data in the field, greenhouse or laboratory using a tablet or smart phone. KDSmart uses Excel files that are easily imported and exported to your computer. Among several useful features, KDSmart allows the user to specify value ranges for traits, thereby reducing errors during data collection, and it integrates barcode readers (where hardware allows) to semi-automate the collection of phenotypic values. KDSmart was developed by Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) in collaboration with CIMMYT.

    Product details and features

    1. KDSmart features have been tested and validated by breeders and other users in field and laboratory settings.
    2. KDSmart requires a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), either a tablet or smart digital phone, with the Android® version 4.0.3 or newer operating system. The recommended size of tablet for field use is 7″ or smaller; larger devices are heavy and difficult to maneuver. MasAgro Biodiversity scientists and technicians prefer to use tablets instead of telephones.
    3. Experiments can be imported to KDSmart using comma-separated value (csv) files. Once imported into KDSmart, the csv file becomes a database that will be filled with data that the researcher collects.
    4. KDSmart has many configuration options to customize to the characteristics of the test, the characters to be measured and the preferences of the investigator. For example, the user can define the characteristics of traits being studied in terms of their type (numerical, logical, text, scale, Boolean, photo), the number of decimals for the numerical data, or the number of days from a defined “day zero.”

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    1. Real-time error-reducing features include the option to define a value-range for each trait, which warns the user if an unlikely or impossible value is entered.
    2. Data can be exported from KDSmart to your computer using several formats.



    1. Currently available, released with improved versions being periodically released
    2. Last version KDSmart is available for download through the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.diversityarrays.kdsmart&hl=en)



    KDSmart interact with other tools such as KDXplore for enhanced trial management and data curation. An online course is available under CIMMYT’s e-learning platform (http://training.cimmyt.org/), which assists users to effectively use this application.

    Primary Users

    Breeders, researchers, technicians and/or students with activities which include the collection of phenotypic data from any setting, with high precision and error-reducing features.

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