• Workshop-Molecular Atlas

    The Molecular Atlas workshop introduces the participants to the knowledge regarding the development of molecular data using a high-throughput genotyping platform, also how to implement this molecular data in breeding programs and/or genetic diversity analysis. In addition, it allows attenders to learn how to search the accessions that are most useful to them by performing different filtering processes into an online information storage platform.

    Product details and features

    To take advantage of this workshop and the molecular atlas, the user must have:

    1. Basic computational knowledge.
    2. Good access to internet service.
    3. Agronomic knowledge about the accession you are interested for, e.g. useful accession for fodder maize.
    4. Knowledge about the adaptation level of the accession you are interested for, e.g. semiarid high lands.
    5. Basic knowledge of molecular markers.

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    It is important to note that the search for accessions with specific characters is possible only for those characters for which phenotypic data exist at least for a sub-group of accessions. The use of molecular data increases the accuracy with which the accession or the accessions of interest are selected.


    Currently available to public: http://hdl.handle.net/11529/10578.



    Primary Users

    Researchers, breeders, professors and students from the mexican public and private sectors. Knowledge that can be used in all areas of scientific research that includes the use of large sets of molecular data for use it in breeding programs, genetic diversity studies, also to apply them in the conservation of biodiversity.

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